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Corporate Profile

China's cross-border asset management industry pioneer

China Everbright Limited (Everbright, stock code: 165.HK) has over 25 years’ experience in cross-border asset management and PE investments. It is a listed company in Hong Kong with asset management and investment as its core business, backed by its parent company China Everbright Group. Through the private equity funds, venture capital funds, industry funds, mezzanine funds, fund of funds, fixed income and equity funds it manages, Everbright cultivates a number of high-growth-potential enterprises together with its investors. While closely following the development requirements of Chinese companies, it also introduces the best overseas technologies into the Chinese market, providing multifaceted services to Chinese and overseas clients. Moreover, Everbright also cultivated “CALC”, the largest independent aircraft leasing operator in China; established “EBA Investments” / “Everbright Jiabao”, leader of real estate private equity funds in China; integrated both mid- to high-end elderly care in China, establishing “Everbright Senior Healthcare”, a premium elderly care brand; and incubated “Terminus”, an AIoT unicorn company.

Everbright became one of the first Hong Kong stocks to be traded following the launches of the Shanghai-Hong Kong and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect programmes in April 2014 and December 2016.

Everbright adheres to the motto of “The Power to Transform”. With a firm footing in Hong Kong – a true bridge between East and West – an international platform, and specialised sector focused teams, Everbright is well-positioned to take advantage of the long-term opportunities presented by changes in the global markets, to respond flexibly, and to become a pioneer in Chinese cross-border investment and asset management.

As of 31 December 2023, Everbright managed 73 funds and a total AUM of HK$126.2 billion. Through both proprietary funds and the funds it manages, Everbright has invested in companies both in China and globally, including China UMS, Goldwind, CECEP Wind-power Corporation, HC SemiTek, BGI, Betta Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd., Amcare, LifeTech Scientific Corporation, Focus Media, iQiYi, SenseTime, NIO, Tirana International Airport, Boreal, Burke Porter Group, Wish, Xjet and Satixfy, etc. It has invested in a total of over 300 companies, covering fields including real estate, aircraft leasing, medical & healthcare, elderly care, new energy, infrastructure, high-level manufacturing, advanced technology and cultural consumption. Of these, more than 150 companies have been listed in China or overseas, or were listed but have since withdrawn due to mergers and acquisitions.

Our Company Structure

Everbright is the second-largest shareholder of Everbright Securities (stock code: 601788.SH, 6178.HK) and a strategic shareholder of China Everbright Bank (stock code: 601818.SH, 6818.HK). It is also the largest shareholder of Everbright Jiabao Co Ltd. (stock code: 600622.SH). In Hong Kong, it is the largest shareholder of China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited (stock code: 1848.HK). In Singapore, it is the largest shareholder of Ying Li International Real Estate Limited (stock code: 5DM. SGX). Everbright and its subsidiary companies currently have offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Tianjin.

Recognizing the strength of China Everbright Group

Ranked 210th in Fortune’s “Global 500”

Strategic investing in China Everbright Bank and Everbright Securities

Principal Investment supports fund development and flexible investment

Nurturing new fund products with seed capital

Jointly investing in projects under Fund Management business and providing bridging loan to fund products requiring fundraising

Responding swiftly to market opportunities and investing in projects offering long-term return, e.g. aircraft leasing, elderly care industry

Fund Management business offers comprehensive cross-border investment solutions

Covering Primary Market Funds, Secondary Market Funds, Mezzanine Funds and Everbright Prestige Capital Asset Management businesses

Offering USD- and RMB-denominated fund products

Investing in both international and China projects

Our Advantages

  • Resources from China

    Resources from China

    China Everbright Group, the parent company of CEL, owns wide business networks and substantial resources in Mainland China

  • Internationalised Team

    Internationalised Team

    As a listed company operating in Hong Kong for years, we have built our international team of professionals and corporate management experiences

  • Experienced in cross-border finance

    Experienced in cross-border finance

    Possess rich and professional experience in cross-border financial activities and investment

  • Integration of industry and finance

    Integration of industry and finance

    We use our financial perspective to look into the industries with long-term growth potential, at the same time introducing innovative financial products