Our Business at a Glance

To innovate the asset management industry by creating leading-edge investment solutions

Everbright persistently pursues its “Macro Asset Management” strategy, with specific focuses being placed on fund management and investment businesses, namely Primary Market Funds, Secondary Market Funds and Structured Financing & Investment. Moreover, being a substantial shareholder of China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited, Everbright is actively developing aircraft leasing business in China and emerging markets.

Our asset management products range from front-end private equity funds, venture capital funds, and sector focus funds to mid-term structured financing and investment products, mezzanine funds, back-end hedge funds, and bond investment funds. These products are primarily targeted at corporate clients and high-net worth personal clients. Our understanding of clients’ experience and our long-term investment philosophy provides favourable conditions for us to achieve higher returns.

As at 31 December 2023, 73 funds have been set up with total fundraising amount of HK$126.2 billion.

Fund Type Fund Name Year of Launch Investment Focus

Primary Market Funds

Investing in unlisted enterprises and in those industries with long-term growth potential in China and Overseas
Private Equity Funds SeaBright China Special Opportunities Fund (SOF I) 2004 Manufacturing and servicing
China Special Opportunities Fund, L.P. (CSOF) 2007 Telecom, media, high-tech and consumer
China Special Opportunities Fund III, L.P. (CSOF III) 2010 Agriculture, consumer goods, servicing & financial auxiliary
Venture Capital Funds Beijing Zhongguancun Investment Fund 2007 High-growth manufacturing, high-tech & servicing
Everbright Jiangyin Asset Investment Fund 2009 High-growth industries
Everbright Guolian Fund
Structured Investment Business RMB Mezzanine Fund I 2012 Onshore mezzanine opportunity
RMB Mezzanine Fund II 2016 Onshore mezzanine opportunity
Sector Focus Funds Everbright Ashmore China Real Estate Fund (USD) 2009 China Real Estate
EBA Real Estate 2009 China Real Estate
Everbright Hero Fund 2014 Ying Li International Real Estate
Everbright Medical and Healthcare Fund I 2012 Healthcare Industry
Everbright Medical and Healthcare Fund II 2015 Healthcare Industry
Everbright Jiangsu New Energy (low carbon) Fund 2010 New materials, environmental and energy saving
Everbright Qiangdao New Energy (low carbon) Fund 2013 New materials, environmental and energy saving
Everbright Zhengzhou Fund 2016 High-growth industries
Shandong High-speed Everbright Industrial Fund 2014 Municipal, environmental protection & clean energy
Everbright-IDG Industrial Fund 2016 Investment opportunities in sub-sector industries
Everbright Zhongying Capital 2016 Pan entertainment industry
Walden CEL Global Fund I 2017

Semiconductor and electronic information industry

Overseas Investment CEL Catalyst China Israel Fund 2014 Innovative Israel enterprises
CEL Global Investment Fund 2016 Global opportunities
Overseas High-Tech Field Investment Fund 2017 High technologies
Everbright Overseas Infrastructure Investment Fund 2017 Global Infrastructure projects

Secondary Market Funds

Focus on investment opportunities in listed securities. Provide more options via flexible asset allocation
Equity Funds Everbright China Focus Fund 2012 Equity product investment
Everbright Global Event Arbitrage Fund
Everbright Dynamic Alpha Fund
Fixed Income Funds Everbright Dynamic Bond Fund 2012 Fixed income product investment
New Third Board Market Fund New Third Board Market Fund 2015 China New Third Board Investment

Everbright Prestige

A fund distribution platform, raising funds from HNW individuals onshore for investment in CEL and third-party products
Asset management for specific clients Everbright Prestige 2014 Everbright managed products

Fund of Funds

As CEL’s first multi-strategy alternative investment fund, FoF can help diversify institutional investors’ portfolios
Multi-strategy alternative investment fund Multi-strategy alternative investment fund 2015 Market-leading private equity fund
Everbright-CMB Multi-strategy equity investment fund Everbright-CMB Multi-strategy equity investment fund 2017 Market-leading private equity fund
CEL-Hunan Fund-of-Fund CEL-Hunan Fund-of-Fund 2018 Market-leading private equity fund
CEL-Liyang Fund-of-Fund CEL-Liyang Fund-of-Fund 2018 Market-leading private equity fund

Long-term industrial investment

Participate in and nurture financial institutions that have the potential for long-term development

Fund Incubator

Support investment teams at the growth stage and to incubate quality private equity funds

Direct investment & Co-investment

Create positive synergies between its fund management and capital operations


Enhance its capital efficiency and improve cash flow through a treasury or wealth management model