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Approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission (“CSRC”), Everbright Prestige Capital Asset Management Company Limited (formerly “Prestige Capital Asset Management Company Limited” or “Prestige Capital” and hereafter referred to as “Everbright Prestige”) was founded in March 2013 by China Post & Capital Fund Management Company Limited ("China Post Fund"). The Company holds “Securities and Futures Business License” issued by CSRC and is supervised to conduct the business of asset management for specific clients. In April 2014, China Everbright Limited (“Everbright”; 165.HK), through its wholly owned subsidiary, acquired an additional stake in Prestige Capital and raised the Company’s registered capital. Prestige Capital was renamed as “Everbright Prestige” in the third quarter of 2014.

Investment Strategy

  • Putting investor interests first, Everbright Prestige is committed to long-term wealth growth. Based on the foresight on the macro-economy and financial market development, the Company launches products as and when appropriate. As at December 2017, the scale of Everbright Prestige’s personal wealth management business was RMB92.8 billion. Working with banks, trust companies, securities firms, futures companies, large- and medium-scale companies and listed enterprises, we provide high-quality professional financial services to our clients, including governmental agencies, corporations and institutional and individual investors.

Investment Strengths

  • Strong shareholder support
    China Post Fund and Everbright combine their complementary strengths to provide all-around support for Everbright Prestige. Parent company China Post Fund is backed by a strong group of shareholders including Capital Securities, China Post Group and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation – all of which are corporations that are large, financially sound, high-profile and deeply-experienced in capital deployment.
  • Special license
    Everbright Prestige is a special asset management company approved for establishment pursuant to the “Interim Provisions on the Administration of Subsidiaries of Securities Investment Fund Management Companies”, with investments in unlisted securities, debts and income rights. Established in March 2013, Everbright Prestige has registered capital of RMB620 million, one of the highest among all subsidiaries of mutual fund management companies on the market.
  • Quality management team
    Everbright Prestige’s senior management team offers experienced and international perspective. It comprises seasoned professionals with strong backgrounds in commercial banking, trusts, securities brokerages, funds and investment banks. Focusing on the movement of the macro market, the Company values active asset management capabilities and pursues long-term and stable investment returns.
  • Comprehensive risk control system
    Everbright Prestige employs a rigorous process of project screening and assessment., With an independent approval mechanism and a comprehensive risk management plan and process, Everbright Prestige has established a robust project risk evaluation system and subsequent tracking system to conduct high-quality management and monitoring of projects in a comprehensive manner. 
  • Quality client service
    Everbright Prestige is committed to meeting client demands for short-term liquidity and long-term wealth growth, providing products of various maturity levels and matched risk returns as it strives to develop a client-focused asset management service system.

CEL China Real Estate Opportunity Funds

FOF,Total amount of 17 billion RMB.

Everbright Prestige Capital Asset Management

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