CEL-Liyang Fund-of-Fund


CEL successfully launched CEL-Liyang Fund-of-Fund in November 2018(Legal name: Jiangsu Liyang Everbright Equity Investment Partnership(Limited Partnership). The promised contribution is 2 billion RMB, while CEL subscribes 1 billion RMB and Jiangsu Pingling Construction Investment Group subscribes 1 billon RMB. Professional team of FoF is responsible for management. 

Investment Strategy

The tactic focuses on new generation of information technology, intelligent manufacturing, new energy, new material, biological medicine, cultural tourism, and aerospace industries, or other enterprises that conform to Liyang strategic key development field to do equity investment and quasi-equity investment. The fund directly invests in operating enterprises and invests in sub-fund. The investment ratio is 1:1 in principle. 

Investment Advantages 

FoF team has various cooperative experiences with governments, financial holding platforms, financial institutions and large state-owned enterprises and can deeply comprehend various requirements of contributors. The FoF applys flexible investment management and CEL’s cross-border asset management advantaegs, to further attract high-quality projects to Liyang, and assist industry upgrading locally.

Selected Portfolio Cases

CEL-Liyang Fund-of-Fund completed the private equity record on February 22, 2019. Now, all projects are in interim review stage and no investment decision has been made.

  • Jane Zhang

    Managing Director

    Jane is well-experienced in venture capital investment and FOF management. She has excellent capabilities in capital raising, financial analysis and complex financial problem solving. Prior to joining our company, Jane worked as a General Manager in Assets Management Department of Guangdong Technology Financial Group Corporation and held the position of General Manager in Guangdong FOFs Management Company Limited.

    Jane received a Master Degree in Engineering from Chongqing University. She is an Advanced Level Accountant and a holder of CIA. She is also an expert reviewer in Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China.

  • Jinhong Zhang

    Director of Beijng Liaison Department

    Jinhong worked in China Everbright Bank from 1993 to 2011, and transferred as the Chief Delegate of CEL in 2011. Jinhong has 25 years of experience in financial industry, and in both international and domestic asset management industry. 

    Jinhong holds the Master Degree of Business Economy from Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and she is also an M&A trader and administrative manager. 

  • Amy Pang

    Investment Director

    Amy joined in CEL as the Vice President of FoF Department in December 2018. Amy has 18 years of risk investment and listed companies capital management experience.

    Amy holds a Master Degree of Economics in Jinan University. She is awarded as Guangzhou Finance Senior Professional Talents, while also holds Senior Accountant Certificate.

  • Ke Mei Yang

    Investment Director

    Mr. Ke joined China Everbright Limited in October 2013.  In September 2017, he joined the fund of funds department and took on responsibility for fund raising, investment and operations of fund of funds. Prior to joining the fund of funds department, Mr. Ke worked in the principal investment department and oversaw the investment and management of more than a dozen angel and venture capital, private equity investment funds and direct equity investments initiated by well-known investment institutions.

    Mr. Ke holds a master's degree in Finance from Boston College in the United States and a bachelor's degree in Economics from Renmin University of China.

  • Weili Guo

    Vice president

    Weili assists the department manager to participate in management and project investment. He used to work in Guotai Junan Securities and GF Securities Co., Ltd Investment Bank Department. 

    Weili holds a Master Degree of Accounting in Universtiy of New South Wales and a Bachelor  Degree of Finance in Sun Yat-Sen University.

  • Qun Zhang

    Vice president

    Qun assists the department manager to participate in management and project investment. He used to work in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Huayong, Zhongbing Guangdong Development Fund and Shandong High-speed Light Control Urban Industry Fund. 

    Qun is a CICPA Charter holder, Legal Occupation Qualification holder, Investment Banking Business Qualification holder. He holds a Master Degree of Management in Renming University. 

  • Pei Wang

    Senior Associate

    Pei assists the department manager to participate in management and project investment. She used to work in Guotai Junan Securities and Hunan Hongyu Wear-resiting New Material Co., Ltd .

    Pei holds a Master Degree of Journalism & Communication in Hunan University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hunan University.

  • Grace Chen


    Grace assists the department manager to participate in management and project investment. Grace worked in Guangdong Yueke Finance Group and participated in the establishment of FoF and relevant Financial Guiding Fund.

    Grace holds both Master and Bachelor Degree from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. 

  • Bryan Huang


    Bryan assists the department manager to participate in management and project investment. Bryan holds a Master Degree of Finance from University of Saint Andrews and a Bachelor Degree of Finance in South China University of Technology. 

  • 曹一宁

    Luke Cao


    Mr. Cao joined CEL in 2019, CEL FoFs team in 2021, before he joined FoFs he was a member of M&A department assisting in investment and operations of CEL Global Investment Fund and CEL Catalyst China Israel Fund. Prior to joining the CEL, Mr. Cao worked in Bank of China International, Investment Banking Division, he participated as Sponsor for HK IPO of Yancoal Australia and EuroEyes, as well as Bookrunner for several IPO projects.Mr.Cao holds a Master Degree of Marketing in Johns Hopkins University, and a Bachelor degree of Economics in Indiana University.

  • Keelyn XUAN


    Keelyn assists the department manager to participate in management and project investment. She used to work in First Capital Investment and several PE fund management institutions, participated in the investment and fundraising of funds. Keelyn holds a Master Degree of Management from Peking University, a Master Degree of Risk Management from National University of Singapore, and a Bachelor Degree of Economics in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. 

Fund of Funds

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Address Room 1600, Level 16, China Overseas International Centre, No. 28 Ping An Li West Street, Xi Cheng District, Beijing, China