Amid the rising of new economy in China, Everbright New Economy USD Fund (New Economy Fund) was founded in 2018 as an effort to explore businesses with prominence in innovation and entrepreneurship and empower them with its robust financial, global and industrial resources. Working on supports from technological, industrial and capital sectors, New Economy Fund makes industrial leaders out of these emerging businesses, so to create long-term value for investors. New Economy Fund started from an inaugural fund scaling USD 483 million, with its investors ranging from world class investment institutions as well as capital management firms.

Investment Strategies

Today, China remains the engine of world economy, with new economy for the nuclear drive to sustain its fully dynamic growth. Set in such a background, Everbright New Economy USD Fund has been founded in the belief that huge opportunities shall be awaken for the investors when traditional industries are fueled by new generations of AI technologies, and for the aspiration to embrace the dawn of a smartened new economy era relying on its work with global capital and entrepreneurs boasting strategically innovative wisdom.

Everbright New Economy USD Fund focuses its investments on technology sectors, and business mode promising industrial upgrades driven by technological advances, inclusive of AI and networking, and new generation of commerce in consumption, travel and cultural industries revolutionized by smart technologies. The New Economy Fund stays its investments in Chinese and global businesses exhibiting China-market insights in their developing stage. 


With over a dozen years of experiences in PE investing, The New Economy Fund as a team has been among the most active on Chinese markets, with proven capacity, and market-honored results, in the acquisition of nationally top-grade new economy projects. With technological sector for its priority of investment, and highlight of management, the team started on a smart managerial platform, facilitating intelligent fund management with AI aids. Relying on a dynamic and productive post-management and value-addition system, performance of investment is optimized with technological results, The New Economy Fund shares great returns of smartened investments with invested firms.

In the past 3 years, the AUM of the reached approximately RMB 30 billion comprising investments in up to 70 projects, being the leading investor in half of said. Among the companies that The New Economy Fund has been invested in, 20 have grown into unicorns, and 10 completed IPO or M & A, accomplishing outstanding exit results. 

Strength of Investment in New Economy Sector

  • The New Economy Fund covers a full-range of projects, and access to most promising new economic businesses in China. In the past 3 years, it has closed investments in 30% of first-tier projects on market. The team is profoundly experienced, cooperative, and dynamic.
  • Well-developed and well-rounded competency in full-phase, multi-model and cross-border investments.

Proven Track Record

  • Boasting prominent exit performance in 10 years. Keeping updated with businesses, investment institutions and capital markets, Everbright New Economy Fund underpinned by excelling shareholders and international capital management, and harvests striking returns in assisting the businesses in financing, M & A and listing on the capital markets.
  • Among the investment portfolio in the past 3 years, 20 businesses have risen to be unicorns in new economy, and 10 have closed IPO or M&A. The team has taken a real grip of China’s promising new economy.

Innovative Smartized Fund Management System

  • Smartened fund management platform guaranteed organizational management, reduced fund managerial costs, and integration with post-investment management and value-addition services, rewarding overall operational performance far above the average. 
  • Full smartization of investment flow, project management, resources coordination and team management, setting Everbright New Economy Fund a model among smartized funds in the new economy. 

Active & Productive Post-Investment Management & Value-Addition Services

  • A dream team for post-investment management ensuring exceptional results on insightful and productive management and resourcing. 
  • Relying on core competitive edge in value-adding services, and backed by Everbright’s robust resources as well as executive capacity of its fund management, The New Economy Fund has been serving invested businesses with full-line services in capital market operation, industrial resources, international business, public relationship and human resources.

Professional Investment Team Boasting Diverse Expertise

  • Under leadership of most experienced partners and management from Everbright, the Fund team shared over a dozen years of successful working for a list of RMB fund and USD funds.
  • Investing members come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from investment bank, security trade trading, Internet, audit, law, business companies to investment institutions.
  • Each member on the team excels in certain specialized fields, and maintains in-depth researches over specific lines of industry, for far-sighted investment arrangements. 


A globally leading AI platform which prepares a world top in-depth learning community and super-calculating center with independent IR rights. A series of AI technologies have been invented, among them are facial identification, image & text identification, medical imaging & identification, video analyzing, unmanned driving and remote control. SenseTime occupies leading market share in a list of vertical domains covering numerous industries such as smart city, smart phone, interactive entertainment & advertising, automobile, finance, retail sale, education and real estate. At present, SenseTime has established cooperative ties with over 700 world famous businesses and institutions from home and abroad.


A global leader of AI technological and service provider. Equipped with cutting-edge machine-learning technology, 4Paradigm is able in accurate data anticipation and cultivation, thus enhancing productivity, lowering risks, and harvesting greater business returns. The Transfer Learning model offered by 4Paradigm is recognized as the Next Generation AI in the industries, for which the company maintains global industrial dominance.


China largest O2O platform providing local services, categorized information and online trading in China. Its aim is to be top global O2O platform for life services. Major products includes MeiTuan app, Dazhong Review and MeiTuan takeaway app, providing services in cuisine, takeaway, travelling, group purchasing and reviews.

NetEase Cloud Music

Founded on April 2013, Netease Cloud Music rose to be among the largest musical platforms in China, with over 600 million registrations as of November 2018, an increase by 200 in the twelve months. It records universal praises for diverse user experiences, accurate and personalized recommendations, and perfect all-rounded networking.


A China leading O2O platform for fresh produce covering categories such as fruit & vegetables, seafood & meats, and dairy & snacks. As of 2018, MISSFRESH has closed its national layout of various categories (fruit, vegetables, dairy product, snacks, meat & eggs, seafood, cooked food, low-calorie food, fast food, cereal & oil and daily articles). A fast cold-chain logistic system has been put into use in 20 major cities of the country, featuring categorizing centres in cities and storehouses in communities. Users can enjoy the one-hour express services to send various products within one hour.

CiDi (Changsha Intelligent Driving Institute) Ltd.

Founded by Professor Li Zexiang – renowned robotics entrepreneur and mentor at HKUST – in October 2017, CiDi (Changsha Intelligent Driving Institute) Ltd. focuses on technological innovation and execution needed to create practical intelligent driving commercial vehicles and products. Gathering industry top talent and support of elite venture capital investments, the company has a 12,000 sq. meter research facility located in Changsha, Hunan, China. The company has obtained testing permits on public roads for SAE Level 4 trucks which can run at over 100km/h on highways. During the first two years, the company completed multiple projects for different types of commercial vehicles and special vehicles. Among them, CiDi has delivered both unmanned and remote controlled mining trucks to mining areas for operation;  operated intelligent buses on open city streets; and mass-produced V2X-connected vehicles and equipment in multiple cities and regions.

  • Wang Ou

    Member of the Management and Decision Committee

    Mr. Wang Ou is a member of the Management and Decision Committee and Senior Overseas Investment Director.  Before joining the Group, Mr. Wang was a strategic adviser of China Renaissance and the Vice Chairman of Huajing Securities Co., Ltd. He was also the Head of Private Equity Investment Department in China Investment Corporation which was responsible for the company’s private equity and private credit investment businesses. During the period, he led investments in hundreds of private equity funds and private credit funds, and completed a number of direct investments, pushing forward the company’s private equity funds and private credit investment businesses, as well as improving the institutionalized operating capacity. Mr. Wang worked in Fortune 500 enterprises and Wall Street investment banks.  He returned to China from overseas in 2002 and worked in China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) for 13 years as a Researcher at the Research Center, a Deputy Director of the Agency Supervision Department and a Deputy Director of the Innovation Business Supervision Department. Mr. Wang holds an MBA from Duke University and a Bachelor's Degree in chemistry from Peking University.

  • Gerry Jin

    Managing Director, Head of New Economy Private Equity China Everbright Limited

    Mr. Jin is currently a managing director at China Everbright Limited and head of the new economy fund department that focuses on investment into high technology work in China. Mr. Jin has over 14 years’ experience in PE investment and invested in and managed deals worth well over RMB 30 Billion. He established the new economy fund department as well as the 6 RMB funds and 1 USD fund. He is recognized as a leading player in investment in industries of technology and new energy resources. His signature deals include Sensetime (0020.HK), Meituan (3690.HK), QI-ANXIN (688561.SH), XPeng (NASDAQ: XPEV), NIO (NYSE: NIO), Netease  Cloud Music(9899.HK), Terminus, 4paradigm, Topsrx (605167.SH),CiDi, Nreal, Circle as well as the acquisition by Hc Semitek (300323.SZ) of Memsic, and the acquisition by Crystaland Technology, MLS (002745.SZ) of Osram.

    Before joining China Everbright Limited, Mr. Jin was a leading executive with PKU Resources (618.HK) having served as their vice presidentand  board secretory . Before PKU, he was named the investment director of Founder Group. At Founder, he had completed a series signature M&A and strategic investment deals. Mr. Jin started his career in CITIC PE.

    He holds an MBA degree from University of Pittsburgh and the diploma of Advanced Leadership Program from Yale University. 

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