Shandong High-Speed Everbright Industrial Fund


Shandong High-Speed Everbright Industrial Fund(“the Fund”) was established in April 2014 and is sponsored by the Shandong High-Speed Group and the China Everbright Limited, focusing on the areas including the general infrastructure, environmental protection, clean energy, logistics, and any other potential investment opportunities brought by the urbanization in China. The Fund has raised RMB 1.8 billion in the first round and will achieve no greater than RMB 8 billion in total. It is expected to end the investment period in 2017

Investment Strategy

  • Core competency
    We are looking for the investment targets with certain competitive advantage, high growth potential, as well as a promising prospect in line with the industrial trend of the urbanization development in China.

  • Growth stage
    The target companies shall demonstrate superior growth potential. The Fund will facilitate the scale expansion and efficiency improvement of those companies via both organic growth and mergers and acquisitions. We are expecting to advance the profitability of our targets to a higher level within 3-year period. We will manage the timing of our investment and be prepared to seize the opportunity at a growth stage along industry cycle.

  • Management quality
    The target companies shall have established a sound operation and management system, as well as clear governance structure, reporting and financial system, compliance rules, performance assessment and incentive mechanism. Not only shall the management team be passionate about making efforts for the future development, but also be emphasizing on the quality of the development at a fast but steady pace with a clear mind.

  • Market domination
    The traditional infrastructure project shall be granted with franchising right/operating agreement by the government, and the remaining period shall be over 10 years under normal circumstances, otherwise it shall be considered case by case. In the non-franchising sectors, the target companies shall be the market leaders, own industry-leading technology and related patents, and take a certain share of the market.

  • Policy orientation
    Our investment shall be in line with the governmental policy guidance, combined with the themes on urbanization, industrial structure adjustment, energy saving and emission reduction, and focus on those industries encouraged by the government, such as environmental protection, energy saving, renewable energy etc.

Our Edges

  • Powerful alliance
    Shandong High-Speed Group is a state-owned transportation conglomerate, and also the largest group in terms of assets under the provincial governance in Shandong. As the major sponsor and the core financing platform of the infrastructure investments in Shandong such as highway and railway projects, Shandong High-Speed Group is endowed with the unique advantage in polices and resources. There are a number of functional subsidiaries within the group, including highway construction and operation, raw materials supply, service area development, which will contribute a great synergy advantage to the relevant investment opportunities of the Fund.

    As the business arm of the China Everbright Group to provide comprehensive financial services across mainland and Hong Kong, China Everbright Limited is specialized in the coordination and integration of cross-border asset management. The rich experience of China Everbright Limited in overseas listing, mergers and acquisitions, and the application of various financing products, will help the invested companies with their future development. Relying on the long-term business cooperation with the group company, China Everbright Limited has established deep relationships with numerous leading companies in the industries of finance, environment protection, infrastructure, real estate, construction and machinery, biology and healthcare etc. in both local and overseas markets. Through the past 10 years’ experience in PE as well as the successful stories in environment protection, new energy, and energy saving, China Everbright Limted has accumulated abundant industry investment experiences.

  • Value-added service
    Being different from the financial investors in general, we are more focusing on how to bring value-added services besides the capital appreciation. We are aiming to improve the management quality of the companies, to streamline their capital structure, and to boost their business development strategy by taking advantage of the sponsors’ resources, hence achieving the goal of growth mutually with companies and investees.

  • Experienced team
    We have built a first-class investment and management team in the industry. All team members came from the top financial institutions domestically and abroad, and have accumulated rich investment experiences and project pipeline deals. Core decision makers and transaction leaders have at least 15 years’ working experience hence the professional capability to select projects, control risks, and ensure the success of investments.

Yimei Holiday

Yimei Holiday is a tourism leading enterprises in Yunnan Province. It has 17 years of operation and management experience in Qicai Yunnan. Yi Mei Holiday committed to the integration of Yunnan and the surrounding areas of tourism resources and services. At the same time to build Tourism culture commercial integrated operation and Tourism product development and wholesale for main business , combine with travel agency platform, coaches platform, hotel management and others to become the first company of Tourism industry chain Integrate operators in China.

Fund is the largest external shareholder, the shareholding ratio of 8.33%, with a director seat and is expected to be listing in 2022.

  • Li Hang, PhD


    Mr. Li Hang, the Chairman of the Shandong High-Speed Everbright Industrial Investment Management Limited. At present, He serves as the executive director of the Shandong High-Speed Group Limited as well as the Chairman of China Innovative Finance Group. Mr. Li has 20 years’ experience in business administration and finance for the huge state-owned enterprise. He has rich theoretical foundation and actual practical experience. He is also in-charge people on the research project at the state and province level. He published over 30 journal articles and won the several awards.

    Mr. Li received a doctorate degree in Business Administration and post doctor on financial. He also holds qualifications including Senior Accountant, CPA and is the Management Consulting Professional for the Ministry of Finance.

  • Ma Hong

    Deputy General Manager and Chief Investment Officer

    Mr. Ma Hong has over thirty years of professional experience in financial controller, investment banking, investments on industry, operation management and private equity fund. Before join us, Mr. Ma has been the managing director for the China Renaissance Capital Investment in charge of post-investment activities. Appointed by the fund, Mr. Ma has been the directors or president of the invested companies. As high level professional, Mr. Ma has twelve years of project investment and operation experience in utility and environment industry. In 2003, has been the Executive Director of the investment banking, Mr. Ma was in-charge and finished an IPO deal for a stated owned enterprise. In 90s’, Mr. Ma held CICPA license in Arthur Anderson Hua Qiang CPA Firm. After graduation from university, Mr. Ma has been the investing and financial people in Shougang Corporation.

    Mr. Ma holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Lanzhou University.

  • Zhaoxuejian

    Director of Legal and Risk Management

    Mr. Zhao the Director of Legal and Risk Management of Shandong Hi-Speed Everbright Industrial Fund. Mr. Zhao has many years of experience related to Legal and Risk Management .He has rich experience in project investment Risk Management, he used to work for a well-known Law Offices, Golden State Investment Ltd., and Hong kong Energy Investment Group, etc. 

    Mr. Zhao received a Bachelor Degree in Law from Shandong University, and a Master Degree in Law from Beijing Normal University. He also holds the Lawyer qualification.

  • Huo Shaojie

    Vice President of Investment

    Mr. Huo Shaojie has many years of experience in investment in finance, banking and industrial funds. Mr.Huo has worked for the Guangdong Cultural Industry Fund, Everbright Bank and KPMG Huazhen Certified Public Accountants. Mr.Huo has led and participated in a number of equity investment and bond underwriting projects, which include Energy development, construction, new materials, high-end equipment, publishing media.

    Mr. Huo holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Sun Yat-sen University, a master's degree in finance from the Cass Business School in London, and a Chinese Certified Public Accountant.

  • Jia Lei

    Senior Associate

    Mr. Jia has many years of experience in investment banking, equity investment and structured financial product design. Mr.Jia has worked for the Zhongzhi Enterprise Group, Baoshang Bank Investment Banking Department and Essence Securities Investment Banking Department. Mr. Jia has led or participated in the M&A project of Jiuding Capital and Tianyuan Securities,Baoshang Bank Collateralised Loan Obligation Project, Brilliance Technology Co.,Ltd(300542)  IPO Project, and several equity investment projects in real estate and tourism industry.

    Mr. Jia holds a master's degree in business administration from Beijing Normal University, and a Chinese Certified Public Accountant.

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