Everbright Haiyin Fund


Everbright Haiyin Fund is a RMB fund invested by Everbright Holdings and Haiyin Capital to invest in high-tech fields. The investment directions include in the field of new energy, medical health, artificial intelligence, robotics, new materials, science and technology finance, computer and Electronics, aerospace and other innovative technology with complete patent protection, molding products business.

Investment Strategy

Based on high-tech projects of Haiyin Capital, Everbright Holdings industry investment strength and the government's support to the industry, the Everbright Haiyin Global Investment Fund is aimed to combine the global disruptive original technology with the leading enterprises in related industries in China.

The fund supports the listed companies to acquire high-tech assets and achieve the growth extension to gain giant value after the global high-tech in China's industrialization and market-oriented polymerization through securitization exit.

Investment Advantages

The fund combines Everbright Holdings' strength and influence in capital market strength, rich capital market experience and good cooperation with listed companies, and Haiyin Capital’s investment ability in top technology companies in the United States, the advantages and experience of industry trends, as well as the domestic industry docking capacity.


WiTricity Corporation was founded in 2007 to commercialize a new technology for wireless electricity invented and patented by a team of physicists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, led by Professor Marin Soljačić.  WiTricity developed a series of reliable wireless power transfer systems enabling the transfer of power from one device to other at high efficiency based on MIT patents, the system could be used in electric vehicle, consumer electronics, medical devices and industrial environment.  On February 11th, 2019, WiTricity announced the acquisition of Qualcomm Halo.  WiTricity becomes the only technology provider with total solution for electric vehicle wireless charging. Most of the major automobile manufactures have adopted WiTricity’s technology solutions. Especially, BMW has launched a production car, 530e, based on WiTricity technology in 2018.

Everbright Haiyin Fund

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