Everbright Medical & Healthcare Fund


Everbright Medical & Healthcare Fund (Healthcare Fund) was launched by China Everbright Limited on 17th October, 2012. It is a private equity fund focusing on investment opportunities mainly in the China healthcare industry. Healthcare Fund I completed fund raising with committed capital of 600 million RMB. The fund has made investment in several leading healthcare companies in China. Our Healthcare Fund takes a long-term perspective and invests in private companies in different stages of development, which are primarily in the field of biotechnology/pharmaceutical, medical consumables, device and equipment, health service and healthcare IT. The fund has completed its second-phase fund-raising and is actively working on the launch of Everbright Medical & Healthcare Fund III.

Investment Strategy

  • Value Based Investment
    Invest in high growth companies with core competence
    Invest in the top players in the respective sub-segment
    Focus on companies' intrinsic value to ensure value increase through long term ownership
  • Balanced Portfolio
    Mainly invest in growth stage private companies
    Also invest in early stage companies with hyper-growth potential, as well as the restructuring and privatization of SOEs (state owned enterprise) 
  • Multiple Exit Strategy
    IPO, trade sale, and other structural exit options
  • Stringent Risk Control
    Benefit from China Everbright Ltd's established proven risk control system
    Leverage team's industry knowledge/network and operational experience to conduct thorough due diligence and perform rigorous post-investment management to mitigate risks

Our Edges 

  • China Everbright Ltd's Advantage
    China Everbright Ltd has strong government, financial and enterprise networks in China and will support the fund in the aspects of fund raising, deal sourcing, deal execution, and post-investment management. China Everbright Ltd has established a good track record of private equity investment since 2004. Until now, China Everbright Ltd has formed three general private equity funds, three venture capital funds and four sector focus funds, generating solid returns for investors. During the years, China Everbright Ltd has accumulated substantial knowledge and experience in fund operation, investment strategy, and on how to identify investment opportunities from economic cycles
  • Team Advantage
    The investment team possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the China market, especially in the healthcare sector. Fund managers have deep understanding of the products, services, technologies and market trends. In addition, they have built an extensive industry network and deep domain expertise. This will greatly help our Healthcare Fund to become a preferred partner for entrepreneurs
  • Value-added Services
    China Everbright Ltd, with both strong domestic resources and international exposure, can help portfolio companies in their domestic and overseas expansion, and facilitate international collaborations
    With hands on experience in company operation, management and investment, the team will be actively involved in portfolio companies' strategy, operation, marketing and sales, technology, M&A and financing, and help the portfolio companies succeed


Amcare Women's and Children's Hospital

Established in 2004, Amcare Women's & Children's Hospital (Amcare) is committed to providing premium services in gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics. By introducing the advanced healthcare service management system and combining the domestic and overseas core technologies, Amcare aims to become the high end medical service provider in China.



Betta pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., founded by overseas returnee doctors in 2003, is recognized as a full-capacity pharmaceutical company in China and a modern high-tech enterprise. At Betta pharma, innovation has penetrated into our daily activities and become an inclusive culture. Our portfolio of products and pipeline of investigational drugs include treatments for cancer, cardiovascular disease and metabolic disease. Betta pharma's first NDA, target therapy oncology drug—Icotinib, has been approved by CFDA and marketed under the name of Conmana© in 2011. In our pursuit to improve the lives of people, Betta pharma is committed to realizing the promise of "Better Medicine, Better life', firmly focused on our Mission to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases.


BGI Tech Solutions Co., Ltd

BGI Tech provides advanced multi-omics and bioinformatics service solutions for its global customers in biomedical, agricultural, and environmental areas. BGI Tech is a subsidiary company of BGI group, one of the largest genomics organizations in the world with significant contributions to genetic research and over 250 publications in top-tier journals such as Nature and Science. Equipped with the industry's broadest array of cutting-edge technologies coupled with an experienced team of scientists and bioinformaticians, BGI Tech delivers rapid, cost-effective and high-quality results that enable researchers to achieve scientific breakthroughs.


China Traditional Chinese Medicine Holdings Co., Ltd.

  • The core platform for the traditional Chinese medicine segment
  • China's largest manufacturer of traditional Chinese medicine granules, owns two of the six CFDA-approved manufacturers of traditional Chinese medicine granules
  • The products focus on Chinese patent medicine, herbal pieces, formula granules, chemical medicine and biological medicine.

Beijing Jingdu Children’s Hospital

  • Children’s hospital in North Beijing, prime location with rare medical service providers
  • The largest Child Hematology and Oncology Center, top-ranked pediatric cardiac center, etc.

LifeTech Scientific Co., Ltd

  • China’s largest player in Occluders and Peripheral products
  • Products extensively marketed in more than 90 countries through over 300 distributors 
  • LAA Closure System reaches international advanced level, blockbuster pipelines targeting RMB10 billion market; 200 people R&D team, multiple products in green channel for registration in China http://www.lifecare.cn/

Medical & Healthcare Fund

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