The Everbright Venture Capital Funds “Everbright VC Funds” is a professional investment venture fund which is raised and managed by China Everbright Limited (CEL). The fund has primarily been focusing on PRC enterprises operating in the hi-tech and high-growth sectors with prodigious development potential. The fund exits the investments via listing enterprises in SME or GEM, or through mergers and acquisitions.

Everbright Hui Yi Wei Ye Capital Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd.,(光大匯益偉業投資管理(北京)有限)a wholly owned subsidiary of China Everbright Limited, is the fund management platform of Everbright VC Funds. As of July 2017, we have been managing altogether 4 venture capital funds which are Everbright Zhongguancun Fund, Everbright Jiangyin Fund, Everbright Guolian Fund, Everbright Zhengzhou Fund, as well as another project-based fund, Everbright Anxin Fund which has been invested in “CECEP Wind-Power” project, with a total investment reach RMB 1.86 billion. As of July 2017, we have been accomplished 23 investment projects, of which, 9 have been out,  including 1 merged out, 3 have been listed in main-board, 9 have been listed in NEEQ, and the rest are being cultivated for initial public offering.

Investment Strategy

Everbright VC Funds invests primarily in the following sectors: new energy and new materials, energy-saving and environmentally friendly services, bio-pharmaceuticals and healthcare, digital information and high-end manufacturing, as well as traditional manufacturing which is supported by hi-tech and advanced skills.

Empowered by the integrated financial platform established by both China Everbright Holdings Company Limited and China Everbright Limited, the investment team is capable of providing one-stop services for the investee companies including investment, financing, management and listing, enabling better returns for investors.

Our Edges

By leveraging China Everbright Limited’s strong brand and reliable community image, Everbright VC Funds have developed extensive networks and resources, significant experience in investment management and deal sourcing, reliable and professional investment teams, and in-depth understanding and integration capabilities for China’s domestic enterprises. Everbright VC Funds also enjoy the benefits of synergy with sister companies from China Everbright Group.

Investment Process

Everbright VC Funds have established a unique investment management approach, from pre-investment to post-investment, risk control and exit. Decisions related to deal sourcing, project planning and proposal, due diligence, investment, post-investment management and exit are all based upon careful risk control. The investment team is totally accountable and responsible for each investment project and the implementation of co-investment mechanism has integrated individual team member performance with the funds’ performance so as to minimize investment risk.​​

Jiawei Photoelectric Lighting

  • The leader of Photoelectric industry, listed on GEM board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2012 
  • Market value at around RMB75.9 billion

CECEP Wind-Power

  • The leader of Wind-Power industry, listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2014  
  • Market value at around RMB54 billion

Hanbang Gaoke

  • The leader of video surveillance industry, be listed on GEM board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2015  
  • Market value at around RMB75.9 billion

Jiacheng Environmental Protection

Hengrun Heavy Industries

  • Leading supplier of High-end manufacturing industry
  • Listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May 2017. Market value at around RMB38.7billion.         


  • The leader of  Halogenated Butyl supplier in China 
  • The Global Third largest supplier of Halogenated Butyl products
  • Li Jinfeng

    Managing Director

    Mr Li joined in Everbright Huiyi Weiye Investment Management (Beijing) Limited and responsible for direct investment as Investment Director in Apr 2009. Before he joined in Everbright Huiyi Weiye, he has more than 10 years of comprehensive work experience in investment banking in native and aboard. He once served as a senior manager in Core Pacific-Yamaichi Capital Limited (Beijing),a senior manager in Mega Financial Holding Pei Lee Securities Limited (Beijing), Deputy General Manager in SBI Crosby Ltd. (Beijing) and Partner of Direct Investment department in Shenzhen GTJA Investment Limited. Mr Li was in charge of IPO of four domestic enterprises, listing a company transferred from GEM to Main Board and participated in many private financing projects. He also worked as the financial consultant of many foreign listing companies and private financing projects. Moreover, he engaged in PRE-IPO investment of more than 10 companies. He has both a Master and Bachelor of Engineering from Tsinghua University. 

  • Li Zhe

    Investment Director

    Mr Li joined in Everbright Huiyi Weiye Investment Management (Beijing) Limited in Jul 2009. Before he joined in Everbright Huiyi Weiye, he used to work at n VHSoft Technologies, Huawei Technologies, World Union Properties and Shenzhen Capital Group. Mr Li has rich experience in the field of both industry research and industrial investment. He holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from Anhui University and MBA degree from Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management. 

Venture Capital Funds

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