Walden CEL Global Fund I


Walden CEL Global Fund I, co-sponsored by CEL and Walden International Group, concentrates on investments into the companies of Semiconductor and Electronic Information industrial chains, consisting of innovative enterprises in microchip, Artificial Intelligence, integration of hardware and software, etc.


Walden CEL Global Fund I primarily focuses on global investment opportunities or M&A deals in equity and equity-related securities of growth or mature stage companies in semiconductor or electronic information industries or in or related to the upstream or downstream of these industry chains; especially concentrating on cross-border investments caused by the relocation of semiconductor and electronic information industry development in Asia and Pacific area. Currently, enterprises in Artificial Intelligence sector are still at the early stage, and exploring related technology development and testing, which implies large scale of commercialized application have not emerged in practice. The fund would excavate edge technologic companies with promising applicable potential. 


The fund is expected to leverage CEL’s experiences in cross-border investment and capital utilization, while Walden is able to exert its accumulated Semiconductor industrial resources and 30-year fund operational practice. The fund would create obvious synergy effects through importing high-ending technology and thriving business models of the portfolio companies into China’s market to satisfying the urgent demanding regarding Semiconductor and Electronic Engineering advanced technology and related industrial utilization. Meantime, the fund could further contribute to China’s Semiconductor industry technology improvement, upgrade, and development.

Advantage of sponsors

As a leading cross-border asset management platform owned by China’s Central Government, China Everbright Limited (”CEL”) features own principle investment and flexible fund management abilities catering to investors’ various needs. The asset management services cover Primary Market Funds, Secondary Market Funds, Mezzanine Funds and other financial products with U.S. Dollar and Chinese currency. Given that the strategic shareholders of Everbright Bank and Everbright Security, CEL is also able to seamlessly coordinate the multi-dimension resources of China Everbright Group’s banking, security, insurance and other business sectors as a whole to support the portfolio companies.

Walden International Group, an investment management institution concentrating on global Semiconductor and Electronic Information industries, takes the pioneer role of introducing Venture Capital investment to China, and has been consistently devoting in Semiconductor investment over three decades. Walden’s investments cover across 12 countries, consisting of 107 semiconductor companies; successful cases are all top tier enterprises in national and global Semiconductor and Electronic Information industries such as Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, Giga Device, Silergy Corp., DJI-Innovations, etc.

  • Wang Yizhe

    General Manager

    Mr. Yizhe Wang is the Managing Director of Super Acquisition Fund Department II of China Everbright Limited. He is responsible for making decisions in Semiconductor, Microchip and Artificial Intelligence private equity investment. Yizhe was the general manager at EverBright Prestige Capital Co., and strived to lead EverBright Prestige Capital’s Asset Under Management amount from 70 billion RMB to more than 100 billion RMB over two years, initiate multiple financial product lines, establish and manage a series of China Real Estate Opportunity Funds of China Everbright Limited, and conduct equity investment projects with the amount of over 10 billion RMB. He was the Managing Director of Everbright Ashmore Investment, the Executive Director of Citic Credit Prosperity Fund and the General Manager Assistant in FOTIC. He graduated from Tsinghua University with master degree of computer science. Mr. Wang has more than 15-year investment and financing experience in real estate and private equity industries.

  • Fan Wehan

    Investment Director

    Ms. Wehan Fan is the Investment Director of Super Acquisition Fund Department II. She worked as a Vice President in Everbright Ashmore Investment and headed Alternative Investment Department at Everbright Prestige Capital Co. Wenhan led fundraising, investment and execution for CEL-China Merchant Banks’ fund of funds. She served at Vanke Group Strategic Investment Department and CapitaMalls Asia. Ms. Fan has more than 15-year investment and asset management experience in real estate and alternative private equity sectors. She holds MBA in Finance degree from Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Walden CEL Global Fund I

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