Principal Investment

Elderly Care Industry

Senior Healthcare Sector

China Everbright Group has categorized senior healthcare as one of its key areas for industrial development. Through its subsidiary, Everbright Senior Healthcare, it understands the fast-developing growth opportunity of China’s healthcare industry and plans on becoming its leading player.

Everbright Senior Healthcare considers institutional elderly services as its backbone, along with rehabilitation and nursing, community and in-home services, and foreign senior healthcare services as complementary to its core business. The company will utilize M&A to establish and maintain its healthcare industrial system so as to develop the full industry value chain - upstream and downstream.

The Company specializes in “Smart Senior Healthcare”, ensuring a fulfilling life for senior citizens, and upholding its corporate mission of “Improving the Life Quality for Senior Citizens”.

Introduction of Everbright Senior Healthcare

China Everbright Senior Healthcare Company Limited (“Everbright Senior Healthcare”) is China Everbright Group’s subsidiary company, and a member of the Universal Healthcare Sector of China Everbright Group. Everbright Senior Healthcare has accurately anticipated the market and capitalized on opportunities since its establishment with growing momentum, and has become a renowned senior healthcare industrial group in China.

So far, its business footprint is in 50 key cities in China, covering the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, as well as the Southwest and Northwest of China. It manages over 32,000 beds under the registry of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, and operates 190 senior healthcare institutions, including elderly homes, nursing homes, and community service centers. Everbright Senior Healthcare has already served approximately 250,000 elderly citizens.

It has combined multiple operational models of “medical care + senior healthcare, insurance + senior healthcare, and services + senior healthcare”. By integrating these specialties in its business, Everbright Senior Healthcare covers various needs for the senior citizens under its care.

  • 50 
    key cities
  • 190 
    senior healthcare institutions
  • 32000
  • 250000+ 
    elderly citizens

Main business scope

One-stop shop for elderly care

Everbright Senior Healthcare constructs a fully integrated supply chain and diversified retirement ecosystem that provide one-stop personalised and healthcare and retirement solutions based on elderly needs.

Business form

Three-point comprehensive coverage: Comprehensive solutions for the full cycle, comprehensive services to meet all demands, and comprehensive caring for the elderly
Five major models:Elderly homes, nursing homes, community elderly care institutions, residential elderly care stations, continuing care retirement community (CCRC)

Business model

Three-level synergistic effect: Institutional service as core service, retirement products with synergistic effect, digitalised retirement technology
Senior Citizen Tourism: Operating elderly care projects in more than 10 provinces and 40 coastal and tourist cities across the country, creating a new residential elderly care business model.

Core advantages

Everbright Senior Healthcare adheres to the “1+2+3+4” development strategy and builds a competitive retirement flagship./p>

"One Purpose"

Demonstrate the responsibility of a state-own enterprise through social responsibility. Let Everbright Senior Healthcare enter every city, every community, every family, and provide a one-stop senior health care services to the elderly.

"Two-wheel Drive"

Supplemented by capital operations, focus on senior healthcare services operation; Drive with two wheels to promote the mutual integration of the senior healthcare industry and financial capital.

"Three Features"

Everbright Senior Healthcare strives to leverage its own business advantages, combining multiple models including "Medical + Senior Healthcare", "Insurance + Senior Healthcare", and "Service + Healthcare", integrating characteristics from various businesses in order to comprehensively cover different living needs of the elderly.

"Four In One" Strategy

Everbright Senior Healthcare builds "One Brand" to accelerate development; "One Team" to train excellent individuals in the industry; "One System" to improve quality and efficiency management to ensure service quality; And "One Platform" to develop technology-enabled smart healthcare services for senior citizens.