Principal Investment

AI & Internet of Things

AI & Internet of Things

Terminus Technologies (“Terminus”) is a platform that specializes in the development and commercialization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as the Internet of Things (IoT) (collectively, AIoT). China Everbright Limited original investment into Terminus was in 2015. AIoT is the most competitive new technology sector in China and Terminus has thrived earning a local distinction of being characterized as a “Representative Enterprise” under the “Three Greats and One New” strategic policy plan of China Everbright Group. Also, Terminus is proud to be recognized as a Top Five ranked corporation (otherwise known as one of the “Five Business Cards”) under the strategic cooperation between China Everbright Group and the Beijing Municipal Government, to provide smart city service for China’s capital city.

Terminus Technologies

Terminus provides government and enterprises comprehensive solutions under a variety of scenarios such as urban management, population management, energy management, public safety management, environments and new infrastructure operation management, actively facilitating industrial upgrading with first-class production capability. Focusing on technological innovation and product development, Terminus combines the world's leading AI and IoT technologies to construct a comprehensive system. Compared with standard cloud services, Terminus’ proprietary IoT cloud dominates the industry by integrating big data and AI services as well as by, providing a more professional connection and management platform for IoT in the urban context.

Based on its own AI + IoT technology, Terminus has enhanced life in municipalities, urban corporate organization as well as civil society in a variety of sectors including security, fire protection, energy, environment, transportation, retail, tourism, etc. Through the execution of Terminus’ own the "AIoT Loop" theory, Terminus explores opportunities in the New Economy, leverages its prominent position in the national economy, and has set as its goal the creation of China's largest AIoT City-Level platform.

As of 2018, Terminus has set up R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan, Shenzhen as well as 30 cities. Terminus employs more than 260 top local and overseas researchers and engineers who have helped Terminus obtain 290 domestic and foreign patents, including 49 invention patents. Terminus has doing business in more than 30 provinces and 84 cities, with over 8,400 projects having been developed across the country so far. It has been recognized by leading enterprises in various sectors as one of the fastest growing and innovative billion dollar companies in the technology sector. Also, Terminus has been selected in Gartner report for five times, the world's most authoritative IT research and consulting firm.

Main Business Scope

Smart Population and Security

Through its proprietary “Smart Security Management Platform” (SSMP), Terminus connects the intelligent hardware and leverages AI analytical technology to generate and optimize important urban functions such as security management, security warning, and emergency command. Through the management of IoT and IoT sensing technologies, SSMP enhances the lives of residents by investigating relevant hidden dangers, ensuring the safety of jurisdictions, and enhancing the safety and happiness index of residents.

Smart Firefighting

“Smart Fire Management Platform” (SFMP) acts as a core function to provide for smart firefighting solutions. It integrates fully intelligent fire management such as fire monitoring, inspection management, fire disposal and fire analysis. Terminus has already established a multi-dimensional, full-coverage fire protection and control system. Through the comprehensive management platform, the fire accident rate has been effectively reduced by more than 90%. After a fire starts, SFMP will also help residents evacuate and management make sure that all residents are accounted for.

Smart Energy

In order to maximize energy management in buildings and parks, Terminus has created its own proprietary “ABAS BI Platform” that provides for the effective connection of IoT devices. ABAS BI Platform uses self-learning optimization and applies deep-learning energy saving models to monitor, analyze and execute plans to minimize energy consumption, and, as a result, clients have saved up to 30-40% of its energy resources.

Smart Service

Terminus continuously expands its business scope in line with market needs, industrial demands and consumer expectations. Terminus is at the cutting edge of technology and is hard-wired to innovate to promote industrial efficiencies and productivity while at the same time leveraging existing capabilities in education, transportation, travel, robotics, AR glasses and other services and products that will allow  Terminus better serve its clients. Terminus is driven to discover untapped industrial sectors under the Blue Sea scenario that can be optimized by existing proprietary AIoT or new created proprietary AIoT.