Equity Funds


Based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, the Equity Team capitalizes on its in-depth understanding of Chinese economy and market in the management of its equity products. Focusing on quality Chinese enterprises and companies driven by growth in Chinese economy, the Equity Team selects attractive risk-adjusted targets and opportunities. Through active management and rigorious risk management, the Team bring long-term investment returns to our investors.

Currently, we manage 3 open-ended equity funds:

  • Everbright China Focus Fund
    Adhering to its investment philosophy of “follow the trend and be alert always“, Everbright China Focus Fund makes full use of the market’s growth and volatility to dynamically and actively manages its portfolio in an attempt to provide investors with compounding absolute returns in the long run. Everbright China Focus Fund was ranked No. 1 among Emerging Markets – Asia and Emerging Market Equities – Asia by Barclay in 2015 
  • Everbright Global Event Arbitrage Fund
    Everbright Global Event Arbitrage Fund closely monitors macroeconomic, industrial, regulatory changes as well as corporate restructuring, capital market financing, corporate events and activities related to key stakeholders to capture price movement opportunities. The Fund seeks to provide investors with an uncorrelated absolute return.
  • Everbright Dynamic Alpha Fund
    Everbright Dynamic Alpha Fund utilizes proprietary quantitative and optimized multi-factor model, adjusted for different investment vehicles’risk profiles, to predict stock performance and generate absolute return.

We strive to fulfill our fiduciary duty to our clients, by ensuring that every funds we manage can generate long term absolute return for our investors.