Everbright Global Event Arbitrage Fund

Investment Scope

Primarily invest in diversified portfolio of Asian and global equity markets.

Investment Philosophy

We believe that market movement can be predicted by quantitative multi-factor model. We construct the portfolio by selecting and optimizing the factors according to different risk/return preferences to achieve absolute return.

Investment Strategy

Everbright Global Event Arbitrage Fund closely monitors macroeconomic, industrial, regulatory changes as well as corporate restructuring, capital market financing, corporate events and activities related to key stakeholders to capture price movement opportunities. The Fund seeks to provide investors with an uncorrelated absolute return.

  • Wang Hai

    Managing Director, Portfolio Manager

    Mr. Wang is a seasoned professional with rich investment and management experience. He started his career at Citibank and an Asset Management firm in New York in 2005. Since 2010, Mr. Wang has returned to China and worked as a Portfolio Manager at Yinhua Fund Management. After that, he served as a Portfolio Manager of Da Cheng Fund Management and Chief Investment Officer of Da Cheng International Asset Management. Apart from this, Mr. Wang was in charge of the global investment of Fosun Group in Shanghai and New York respectively and served as the Head of Asset Management of Fosun Hani. Prior to joining our company, he was a Managing Director and Head of Alternative Investment of Da Cheng International Asset Management.

    Mr. Wang holds a Master of Financial Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from London Business School.

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