Everbright Dynamic Bond Fund


Everbright Dynamic Bond Fund is tailored for professional investors with USD assets. The fund seeks stable absolute return through investment primarily in offshore Chinese corporate securities including investment-grade, high yield and convertible bonds. Leverage and derivative could be employed to enhance yield and control risks.

Investment Philosophy

  • We believe there are inefficiencies in the offshore Chinese corporate debt markets arising from investor emotions, market complexities and conflicting institutional constraints
  • We combine fundamental credit and economic insights with proprietary quantitative research in seeking to exploit such inefficiencies

Investment Strategy

  • Tactical asset allocation across investment grade, high yield and convertible bonds
  • Chinese corporates focus but may selectively diversify into other Asian names
  • Diversification across industrial sectors and issuers
  • Prudent use of leverage to enhance yield
  • Currency overlay to monetize implied carry and capture potential appreciation
  • Potential use of hedging against systematic risks

Our Edges

  • Cross-border asset management platform and research network
  • Experienced investment team

Secondary Market Funds

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