China Everbright Voice of The Stars Story-Telling Scheme

To help cultivate a better understanding and greater awareness of Chinese history among Hong Kong’s young people, China Everbright Limited launched the “China Everbright Voice of The Stars Story-Telling Scheme” in 2016. Title-sponsored by China Everbright Limited, the project is run by Endeavour Education Centre Limited. The fund of Endeavour Education Centre mainly comes from Endeavour Education Trust. Endeavour Education Trust is a non-profit, non-governmental charitable organisation with a mission to provide opportunities for local youths to learn more about China’s history and culture, and acquire a more solid understanding of the country’s development. Through different avenues and platforms, and by organising a diverse range of activities, the Centre aims to help the younger generation develop a historical perspective and sense of belonging to China, as well as cultivate a positive attitude towards learning so that youths will contribute to the future development of Hong Kong and China.

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