Dalton School Hong Kong (DSHK)

With years of preparation and supported by CECF, Dalton School Hong Kong (DSHK) opened its door in mid-August 2017 with Lower Primary classes and will continue its expansion during the 2018-19 school year. DSHK is located at 10 Hoi Fai Road in Kowloon, Hong Kong, in a 3-story spacious building that embraces nature and openness.

DSHK is a new non-profit, bilingual primary school teaching in both Mandarin and English. What sets DSHK apart from other schools is its unique child-centered program based on the world-renowned Dalton plan, along with its partnership with the esteemed Tsinghua University Primary School to provide a strong emphasis of Chinese language, culture and values. DSHK integrates eastern and western educational disciplines, and strives to help students realise their potential based on moral, intellectual, physical, group and aesthetic education. Using a child-centered environment, DSHK emphasises exploration, collaboration and self-learning, encouraging students to develop community networks in harmony and building a noble character. 

For more information about DSHK, please visit www.dshk.edu.hk.