Hong Kong Arts Festival

Everbright title sponsors “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (“Hamlet”)”in March 2019, it was presented by The 47th Hong Kong Arts Festival and a production of Beijing Li Liuyi Theatre Studio, bringing a high-standard performance to Hong Kong audiences. The new dynamic Chinese “Hamlet” was produced by the renowned director Li Liuyi, performed a star-studded cast including Hu Hun, Pu Cunxin and Lu Fang, etc, with the award-winning costume designer who won the Best Art Direction Award at Hong Kong Film Awards and Cannes Film Festival William Chang Suk-ping as the costume and make-up director, as well as the famous German set designer Michael Simon to design staging and lighting. With a combination Chinese and Western culture, the “Hamlet” Chinese translation creates accessible translations and brings brand new experiences for Chinese audiences.


In March 2018, Everbright was the title sponsor of the Asian Premiere of Bosch Dreams, which was a co-production by Les 7 Doigts de la Main and Theatre Republique in the 46th Hong Kong Arts Festival, presented the remarkable international performance to audiences in Hong Kong.