Our Service Philosophy

Giving back to society is an important part of Everbright's corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. It strives to use its expertise and resources to maximize the benefits of stakeholders, and establish long-term, trusting partnerships with them. We divide our stakeholders into four groups:




In 2008, we established the China Everbright Charitable Foundation (CECF), a charitable organisation approved by the Hong Kong Government, to promote community development projects.

For many years, the Everbright Charitable Foundation has sustainably sponsored a number of social service projects benefitting communities in Hong Kong and mainland China related to four main themes including “Bright Companion”, “Vitality Everbright”, “ Education Support ” and “ Art Promotion ”, including: CECF has formed a close partnership with Lifeline Express over the past couple of years, becoming one of its largest funding sources to help cure cataract patients in poverty-stricken areas in the Mainland. Being the Title Sponsor of the “Orbis - Everbright Moonwalkers” event, as well as being Orbis' Hong Kong Corporate Partner, to raise funds for the visually impaired around the world. Title sponsoring Spartan Race Hong Kong to promote healthy lifestyle and self-challenge to foster wellness in body and soul in the society. Supported the Dalton School of Hong Kong which was officially opened in 2017, boasting a world-class learning environment for children. Title-sponsored the "China Everbright Voice of The Stars Story-Telling Scheme", to help cultivate a better understanding and greater awareness of Chinese history among Hong Kong’s young people. Title-sponsored the "Big Little Things" to discover the matters in the community, understand the problem faced by the grass-roots families and to encourage the enterprises to solve the problems with creative inspiration.  Jointly launched “The Everbright Project” with Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre to provide community services targeting Hong Kong’s middle class; Supported the “Project Companion – Professional Social Workers in Greater China Scheme”, which was jointly established with Social Workers Across Borders to train professional social workers in the Mainland China, as well as sponsoring the “Everbright Teachers Heritage Discovery Tour” organised by Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers to provide Hong Kong teachers travelling opportunities to the Mainland China cities for experiencing and learning China culture and history. As a long term partner of Hong Kong Ballet, title sponsored various classical ballet performances. Becoming a long term partner of art organisations in Hong Kong, including the Hong Kong Ballet, Opera Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Arts Festival and Hong Kong Repertory Theatre to promote the development of arts in Hong Kong.

To serve a wider range of people, the CECF also supports the social service works by other charitable organizations.

As recognition to the Everbright and CECF’s work, Everbright has been awarded with “Caring Company” and “Caring Organisation” for 8 consecutive years, so as to acknowledge the Group’s effort and involvement in corporate social responsibility. In 2016, CEL has also attained Gold Award in three categories of Governance, Social Responsibility and Investor Relations at “The Asset Corporate Awards 2016” and the “Hong Kong Corporate Governance Excellence Awards” from the Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies (CHKLC), as well as attaining the “Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Logo”, recognizing the Group’s effort relating to corporate governance, corporate social responsibilities and the well-established communication channels with its stakeholders.