CEL’s TERMINUS Becomes Official Premier Partner of 2020 EXPO Dubai

DUBAI, 2 July 2020-TERMINUS, the AIoT unicorn under China Everbright Limited (CEL), has been named the latest Official Premier Partner of 2020 EXPO Dubai. Among the 12 Premier Partners, TERMINUS is the only technology company from China.

TERMINUS will set up its first headquarters outside of China, as well as a research and development centre, at District 2020, the human-centric smart city, covering an area of 438 hectares, which Terminus aspires to build into a model AI city of tomorrow, together with other world leading companies.

Mr. Victor AI, CEO of TERMINUS, and Ms. Reem Al Hashimi, Minister of State for International Cooperation of the UAE and Director General of Expo 2020 Dubai witness the signing

Mr. Li Xiaopeng, Chairman of China Everbright Group, sent a congratulation note to the EXPO 2020 Bureau to express his best wishes for the success of the EXPO. In the letter, Mr. Li wrote, “The friendship between the UAE and China has lasted for a long period of time. The cooperation between TERMINUS and the Expo 2020 Bureau is also an important reflection of the achievements of the two countries’ cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative. We look forward to serving this event well and showcasing our own value by providing fast, intelligent, and grateful services for the EXPO guests around the world, making them feel the great changes that science and technology have brought to our society today.”

Mr. Zhao Wei, Executive Director and the Chief Executive Officer of China Everbright Limited, expressed his congratulations to the cooperation of both sides on behalf of China Everbright Limited. In his note, he said “The agreement between TERMINUS and EXPO 2020 Dubai is a significant next step for our development. It is a very important contribution to the enhancement of ties between China and UAE as well to the building of the Belt and Road Initiative. It is also exciting to note that this collaboration will serve as an opportunity for Terminus to extend its business to the global marketplace.”

Victor Ai, CEO of TERMINUS, said: “Expo 2020 Dubai will serve as an incredible hub of innovation for the world, and District 2020 will act as an example for global smart city development. Terminus is working with both to redefine the concept of future cities with our leading Robotics, AI and IoT technology. Together with other technology-focused partners, we have the opportunity to further explore the area of smart spaces. This is precisely the reason why we are so excited.”

Mohammed AlHashmi, Chief Technology Officer, Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “Expo 2020 will be an unparalleled platform to showcase the capabilities of innovative technology and, as a pioneer in robotics and AI-enabled IoT applications, Terminus is a valuable new partner. Our collaboration will demonstrate the potential of robotics, while also establishing the foundation for District 2020 as a centre for technology innovation.”

During the six-month event, TERMINUS will deploy more than 150 programmable robots – including Opti, one of the Expo 2020 mascots – to interact with visitors. The robots will perform a variety of tasks such as greeting visitors, performing in special displays, and providing visitor assistance, as well as helping with food and beverage delivery and hospitality services

Nadimeh Mehra, Vice President, District 2020, said: “As a pioneer in advanced, future-defining technologies, Terminus will bring significant value to the diverse ecosystem we are curating at District 2020 and will contribute to our mission to support the UAE’s strategy to become a pioneer in AI. This is an important collaboration as we share the vision of creating a human-centric smart community that will inspire other global innovation hubs.”

TERMINUS’s middle east research and development centre will actively interact with local enterprises, technology leaders and scientists in the UAE, and set up an accelerator in the center to accelerate technological innovation in the UAE, an innovation ecosystem and community with a mandate to support the UAE’s advance towards an innovation-driven economy.

The first World Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region, Expo 2020 has been postponed by a year due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will now run from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022, when it will bring together the brightest minds and greatest ideas from around the globe, helping to generate new and exciting solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

About Terminus

TERMINUS is a leading enterprise in AIoT incubated by China Everbright Limited. To fuel its growth, CEL provided full support, varying from financial backing, strategic planning, risk mitigation and management, as well as market exploration. TERMINUS is now already one of CEL’s core strategic platforms, as well as a major representative of New Economy in China Everbright Group’s “Three-Big, One-New” strategy. 

TERMINUS empowers traditional industries with new technologies, taking the lead in proposing and applying the AIoT technology architecture, that’s deployed in more than 8,000 scenarios, including community parks, public utilities, electricity and energy, retail and cultural exhibition, with a total of 841 patents, including 527 invention patents. With top Chinese technology companies as its partners, including JD.com, SenseTime, IFLYTEK, and Huawei, it also secures leading customers such as PetroChina, State Grid, China Unicom, and China Post.

TERMINUS has established its vision of “a Global Leading Smart Service Provider”and EXPO 2020 Dubai will see TERMINUS empower the grand event with AIoT and share the marvelous technology with its global users.