China Everbright Limited establishes Environmental, Social and Governance Committee

24 June 2021, The Board of Directors (the "Board") of China Everbright Limited ("CEL" or the "Company") announced that the Board has established the Environmental, Social and Governance Committee (the "ESG Committee"). This demonstrates that the Company has comprehensively conducted ESG management and governance works by redesigning its top organizational structure to incorporate ESG principals into the Company's decision-making process. The Company will fully work towards China Everbright Group's target of "Green Everbright" and implement the strategy of "Carbon Emissions Peak and Carbon Neutrality".

As a state-owned enterprise, China Everbright Limited has steadfastly undertaken the responsibility of "fulfilling its capability to serve the country's demands". The Company utilizes the best of its advantages in cross-border alternative asset management to make substantial allocation in the environmental protection and low carbon sectors, achieving remarkable results. The Company has invested in a series of outstanding enterprises, including Goldwind Science & Technology, CECEP Wind-power Corporation, BCCY Environmental Energy, among others, generating abundant returns for the shareholders and investors while reaping enormous social benefits.

In recent years, the Company implemented a new development philosophy, making further progress in the environmental protection and sustainable investment sectors. The Company's Everbright "Belt & Road" Green Fund (the "Fund"), as one of the official deliverables of the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, has total assets under management of RMB 10 billion. Since its establishment, the Fund has spearheaded the industry in the areas of implementing green development philosophy and promoting environmental protection and low carbon investment, while also being the first equity investment fund to fully apply ESG standards in China.

In order to accelerate the implementation of China Everbright Group's carbon neutrality goal, as well as promote the guidance of green and sustainable development, the Company has established a Carbon Neutrality and Green Sustainable Development Group and Special ESG Project Team to follow up related works. The newly established ESG Committee will apply a top-down approach, systematically carrying out ESG governance, including formulation of the company's ESG vision, strategy, goals, governance structure, and supervising the integration of ESG principles into company's decision-making process. By establishing this Committee, the Company aims to further improve its corporate governance system, refine internal and external capabilities, define a brighter future with long-term sustainable investment, and achieve investment profit while contributing to the society.