China Everbright Limited Joins Sun Life Everbright Life to Set Up its First-ever Secondary Fund

28 June 2021 – China Everbright Limited ("Everbright" or the "Company", stock code: 165.HK) is pleased to announce that its first-ever Secondary Fund (the "S Fund") has been successfully set up. The fund was jointly set by Everbright and Sun Life Everbright Life. The first tranche was RMB 400 million. The successful launch of the first S Fund will further enrich and improve the product line of the Company. Everbright sees it as a starting point to officially enter the S Fund market and explore ways to launch the S Fund series according to market trend and needs.

Following the vigorous development of the Chinese private equity market over a decade, the S Fund has its best development opportunity yet, providing more choices and mobile solutions to the exits of LP (limited partnerships) and GP (general partners). Everbright's first S Fund will fully leverage on the rich experience of the Company in cross-border asset management and private equity investment. This will actively synergize Sun Life Everbright Life's edge in the insurance asset management sector and prioritize quality asset portfolios, which are a better match for insurance capital, while targeting the segments highly associated with the insurance industry, including healthcare, fintech, advanced technology, consumption and new retail, aiming to create sustainable and stable revenue for investors.

The successful launch of the S Fund is the ultimate outcome to execute the all-round strategic collaboration between Everbright and Sun Life Everbright Life in 2020. It is a successful case study for both entities to implement the Group's E-SBU synergistic development strategy. Through this S Fund collaboration, Everbright and Sun Life Everbright Life will work together further in investment, insurance and other segments, aligning with the corporate motto of "Offering first-class service to customers on a one-stop platform", to further develop synergy of "Investment+insurance" continuously.