"China Everbright Voice of the Stars Story-Telling Scheme" Receives First Class Award of Social Responsibility Excellent Case Study by Everbright Group

Everbright Group has released the list of winners of the social responsibility excellent case study. The "Voice of the Stars Story-Telling Scheme" submitted by Everbright received a First Class Award, while the "Peaceful Retirement" Scheme submitted by Everbright Senior Healthcare received an Outstanding Award.

Education is a growing sector, and Everbright, as the leading cross-border investment and asset management platform of Everbright Group, places society rewards as an important part of the fulfilment of its corporate social responsibility ("CSR"). Everbright has actively been involved in youth education, fostering the national and home sentiment to take root in Hong Kong, boosting the prosperity and stability of the city.

The "Peaceful Retirement" Scheme was launched and sponsored by Everbright and Endeavour Education Centre in 2016. Representatives across industries including education, academia and performing arts are invited to regularly record podcasts for Hong Kong primary and secondary school students on a series of Chinese history stories in a casual and lively way. The podcasts are broadcast on the internet. These stories will be developed into audiobooks and sent to primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong to encourage students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Chinese history and culture.

Nearly 90 Hong Kong celebrities, including the first Secretary for Justice Elsie Leung, former Secretary for Home Affairs Tsang Tak-sing, actors Law Kar-ying and Natalis Chan, as well as singer Joey Yung, were invited to tell the stories of Chinese history through podcast. Each new episode will be featured by media such as Ta Kung Pao, Sing Tao Daily News, Hong Kong Commercial Daily and such to draw the public's attention, and encourage the primary and secondary school students and their parents to listen together. The aim is to help enhance local youth's recognition of the country's long-established history and culture and increase their sense of national pride, in addition to cultivating a positive attitude towards life with a substantial understanding of the country's development.

Since the program was launched in 2016, it has broadcast a total of 110 episodes, with the number of plays exceeding 240,000. At the same time, the "Children's Chinese History" audiobook that accompanied the project was presented to all primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, with the majority of students welcoming it with open arms. Apart from that, the project also positively affected the parents of the students and generated good social impact.

Looking to the future, while catering to the actual development needs of children, Everbright will continue to focus on the theme of social responsibility and push Everbright's social responsibility efforts to new heights through the launch of distinctive social responsibility projects.