Everbright Spartan Race 2018 Successfully Launches Obstacle Race Experience attracting over 6,000 racers

Everbright Spartan Race Hong Kong was held successfully in the brand new venue in Ha Pak Nai, Yuen Long. As the world’s most popular and challenging obstacle race, the event received an overwhelming response and attracted more than 6,000 racers joining the competition. From 7am to 4pm, racers took part in the toughest than ever 8.5km course featuring 20 obstacles, provided the racers a true test of perseverance and grit.

Spartan Race is a competition that requires strength, perseverance and endurance. On the event day, nearly 100 guests from CEL walked through the mountains, beaches and streams and overcame 20 signature obstacles in the spectacular natural habitat like they have never experienced before, such as climbing the Olympus, rope climbing, carrying the 50 kilos rock, climbing over the 7 feet wall, passing the dunk wall, crawling under barbed wire for 40 metres, and many others. All of them overcame the challenges and completed the race. The event was widely welcomed by many financial institutions such as HSBC, ICBC, UBS, BNP Paribas and Barclays, etc., they formed numerous corporate teams and took on obstacles over an exciting course showing their team spirit.


In order to nurture the passion of sports to children, other than Sprint race, the organizer introduced the 2km race for kids between 4-13 years old, with over 1,200 children participated this year. Parents cheered on their children getting muddy in a modified racecourse when they overcame challenges, obstacles and crossed the finishing line.


After completing the race, the athletes felt it was a race full of excitement and challenges and even planned to join the next race at higher level in November. Here are some comments from the racers:

“A few thousands of participants climbed over the mountains and crossed the streams in 8.5km, I have tried different kinds of sports challenging together with the beautiful view of Shenzhen bay, makes it truly worthy for this journey.” – Kevin So

“After spending 3 hours with my teammates completing all the obstacles, I am very excited and proud of myself. Although the race was extremely tough, I was surprised by each challenge. This is a competition requires fitness and endurance, as well as the support and encouragement from teammates, without them, I believe I could not finish it. Like father like daughter, I am very pleased that my 6-year old daughter can complete the Spartan Kids Race.” – Harry Wang

“This is our first time of joining the Spartan Kids Race – our seven-year old boy and we were all very excited.  The race was well organized, pretty safe for the kids and despite (or maybe because of) the water and mud along the way, good fun for all the little Spartans.  No grit, no glory! Nothing could compare to the proud grin on the kids’ face when the they pose at the finish line with their big medals.  We would definitely recommend this to other Hong Kong parents who are looking for more outdoor activities and character-building for their kids.”  --Fan Sheng Yan

“I joined my first Spartan Race this year with a few friends. For most of us deskbound employees, the race was a rewarding experience, to get an opportunity to build friendship with teammates to overcome the numerous obstacles, get in touch with your limits to challenge yourself, all the while getting down and muddy with nature and enjoying the beautiful scenery along the race track (we found many excuses to stop on the beach and mountaintop to catch not just our breath but a glimpse of the beautiful view across the Shenzhen Bay).” – Jason Chen

“Spartan Race is not just a challenge of strength and endurance, more importantly it is an attitude towards our life. Tracing back our memories, many people will realize what they still remember is definitely not moment in the comfort zone, but the moment in the mud struggling to give up but stand with it at last.” – Xu Yifan

"My daughter and I had a wonderful time, it was tough but a lot of fun, we totally enjoy it.” --Rafael Lue

China Everbright Limited has an energetic a corporate image thanks to our staff and managements’ enthusiasm for sports. In recent years, the company participated in various running or walkathon events such as Sowers Action Challenging, Oxfam Trailwalker, UNICEF Charity Run, etc., further promoting the importance of a healthy living.



About Spartan Race
Spartan was first organised in 2005 in USA, the event was expanded to 25 countries and 240 races around the world in 13 years. It was launched in Hong Kong in 2016 and became a signature event for elite people in 2 years’ time and as a trend for people participating this kind of challenging sports event. The second phase of the race in 2018 will be held in November and will certainly attract more athletes to join. For more information about the Spartan Race: http://spartanrace.hk