Henan BCCY Environmental Energy, Everbright Holding's green development project successfully listed on GEM – supporting "emission peak and carbon neutrality"

25 May 2021, Henan BCCY Environmental Energy Co., Ltd – Zhengzhou Guotou Investment Fund managed by Everbright Hui Yi Wei Ye Capital Management, a subsidiary of China Everbright Limited ("Everbright", stock code: 165.HK), was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's Growth Enterprise Market (stock code: 300614). With Everbright Holding championing Everbright Group's green development philosophy, Henan BCCY Environmental Energy is another masterpiece in the support of "emission peak and carbon neutrality".

"Emission peak and carbon neutrality" is a solemn promise made by China to the world, and it has become a turning-point in China's green development. Henan BCCY Environmental Energy is one of the main third-party landfill gas treatment service providers in China, and a leading company in biogas power generation. The company focuses on investment, construction and operation of landfill gas treatment services (recycling of methane). That is, the landfill biogas is collected and undergoes a harmless recycling treatment, which turns it into a raw material for power generation. The process does not cause secondary pollution, and has achieved the dual goals of methane recycling and emissions reduction, which is aligned with the energy-saving, environmental protection and new energy industry encouraged by the country.

Henan BCCY Environmental Energy has accumulated tremendous technical and operational experience in landfill gas treatment services, and through the introduction of external capabilities and independent innovation, a number of core technologies have been formed.

The company owns 38 patents and has participated in the formulation of "Technical code for projects of landfill gas collection treatment and utilization", the industry standard. Also, more than 100 landfill gas power generation projects have been developed in more than 20 provinces and countries, including Henan, Guangdong, Hubei, Anhui, Guangxi, Zhejiang, and Malaysia, while more than 80 projects have been put into operation. Currently, the number of projects put into operation is the second highest in the world and the highest in China, and it has achieved good social demonstration effects. In the future, under the development and utilization of renewable energy such as carbon emission reduction trading and ecological restoration of landfills, the company aims to meet the needs of customers in solid waste treatment, resources recycling and environmental governance.

Henan BCCY Environmental Energy's Landfill Gas Power Plant in Qingdao

Formed by professionals with rich industry and investment experience, Everbright Hui Yi Wei Ye Capital Management is a fund management platform under Everbright Holding, which specializes in new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection. Since its establishment, Everbright Hui Yi Wei Ye Capital Management has completed 38 investment projects, seven of which have been listed, and two have been acquired by listed companies.

Zhengzhou Guotou Investment Fund invested in Henan BCCY Environmental Energy in November 2016, and that project is one of the important deployments of the fund in the environmental protection sector.