More Than 7,000 Participate in the popular “Everbright Spartan Race Hong Kong 2018”

November 10, 2018 – The “Everbright Spartan Race Hong Kong 2018”, title sponsored by China Everbright Limited (“Everbright”, stock code: 165.HK) was successfully held at Yuen Long Kam Tin Country Club, attracted more than 7,000 sports enthusiasts and challengers. This edition consisted of the largest variety of race types ever in Hong Kong such as the Super Heat (12km), Sprint Heat (6km), Kids competitive heat and saw the birth of Everbright Spartan Corporate Championship and the introduction of Hurricane Heat. With team spirits high, as well as the grit and determination to overcome the obstacles, all participants embodied the very best of the Spartan warrior spirit.

Team spirit is of great importance to all enterprises. Everbright invited over 130 guests to form seven corporate teams from associated financial institutions such as China Merchant Bank, China Life, SINO-CEEF Capital, Morgan Stanley, Cithara Investment, Ping An Bank, Gao Teng Asset Management, Barclays, Citi Bank, HKEx, China Everbright Bank and EBSHK, among others. All guest teams were pushed to the limit to successfully complete the races, helping Everbright to win “The Biggest Corporate Team Award”. Please click here for highlights of the races.

Since the first US Spartan Race in 2007, the event has expanded to 30 countries with more than 240 races held around the world in the last 12 years. Since its entry into China in 2016, more than 100,000 warriors have taken the challenge.

Everbright’s motto of “The Power to Transform” mirrors that of Spartan Hong Kong’s “The Courage to Succeed”. Through its title sponsorship, Everbright hopes to inspire more participants with the daring spirit to transform and breakthrough, bringing out the best in life. For more information about Spartan Race, please visit: .

Selected testimonials from participants:

Victor Chan (Sprint Race)

Spartan race opens my eyes to another whole new level of fitness!  I am so glad to be able to participate the race with my friends as a team. Thank you so much for making available to us all!  We love to race again next year!

Xu Yifan (Super Race)

In a Spartan race, it doesn’t matter your age, nationality, level of physical strength; the best proof of courage is the fact you are moving forward on the racing ground, overcoming the ropes, poles, rings, javelins, mire, barbed wire .....constantly challenging our physical limits. Compare to other races, Spartan is less about competition; the most important fact is not time and speed, but rather the courage and willingness to jump out of our comfort zone.

Rachel Au (Sprint Race)

This is my first Spartan Race and my expectation is to finish safely. Credit to Everbright, I had sufficient training and racing gears. With more than 20 obstacles, the race may seem daunting, but encouraged by team members, I was able to reach the finish line. Couldn’t recommend it more and hope to see more Everbright warriors next time. Arooo!!

Mike Au Yeung (Mike’s son was in the Jr Varsity team)

I brought my little one to join the Everbright Spartan Race Hong Kong on Saturday. This obstacle race gave the little warriors a chance to overcome extreme limits and overcome their limits. At the same time, allowed us tohave an enjoyable family day thats creats work life balance!

Vanessa Ren (Venessa’s son was in the Kids race)

It was the first time for my son who’s normally a quite kid to enter the Spartan Kids Race. I was pleasantly surprised by how he faced obstacle challenges with grit and will. I endorse the education through Grit, as learning from failures and setbacks is an important part of character building. I strongly recommend it to other parents.