Second Round of Spartan Hong Kong Obstacle Course Races 2019 Presented by Everbright Held Successfully

“Beast Race” Launches in Hong Kong for First Time, Everbright Team Ranks Third Place in Corporate Championship Charity Race

9-10 November 2019 - China Everbright Limited (“Everbright”, stock code: 165.HK) sponsored the second round of Spartan Hong Kong Obstacle Course Races in Hong Kong, which was successfully held in Kam Tin Country Club of Yuen Long. The games attracted over 5,000 adult and child participants, who showed that they were up for a difficult challenge once again. Aside from the existing 13km Super Race, 5km Sprint Race, and 2km Children Race, the organiser also set up a new “21km Beast Race”, which was held in Hong Kong for the first time ever, attracting over 600 participants. Meanwhile, in the “Everbright Spartan Corporate Championship Charity Race”, multiple large financial institutions, including China Everbright Limited, CCB (Asia), Credit Suisse, and Lulu Lemon, sent corporate teams to participate in the race and showcase teamwork, competing for a moment of glory for their companies, with incentives for charity as well. China Everbright Limited completed the race in an hour and 45 minutes, winning third place in the race. In the “Everbright Spartan Corporate Championship Charity Race”, a total of HKD 20,000 of funds raised for charity will be donated to institutions including Orbis, InspiringHK Sports Foundation, and Lifeline Express.

Spartan Race was first held in 2007 in the US and expanded to 30 countries and 240 races around the world, with more than nine million accumulative participants over 12 years. The spirit of being bold to change and achieve personal breakthroughs, combined with an appealing, amazing and adventurous event design, have made the Spartan Race a popular activity among fashionable and trendy sports lovers. Everbright’s motto of “The Power to Transform” mirrors that of Spartan’s “The Courage to Succeed”. Through its title sponsorship of the race in Hong Kong, Everbright hopes to inspire more participants to take on a new sports experience with a self-motivated spirit, and bring out the best in everyone. For more information about the Spartan Race, please visit Please click here to view photos from the Race.

Although the competition was held over two days, the duration did not dampen the enthusiasm of the participating “warriors” of the race. The Spartan Race took place over the entire weekend, including the Beast Race, Super Race and Sprint Race events, which are about 40km. Many racers said that they won medals from the three events and were most satisfied, and all participants and spectators had a fulfilling and meaningful weekend.

Words from the participants:

“It was the second time I teamed up with colleagues to participate in the Spartan Corporate Championship Charity Race. This year’s competition improved significantly in terms of difficulty and put more emphasis on teamwork, especially during the rock climbing session. For the first time, corporate championship racers were required to find ways to cooperate in order to climb the rock face without any rope. I was honoured to have Harry and Lyu Ge as teammates this time. In the rock climbing session, we worked together to build a ladder with our bodies, constantly adjusting the order and strategy while climbing. I hope that more colleagues will join together to participate next time.”

(Xu Yifan of Everbright CorporateTeam)

“This is my second time participating in the Everbright Spartan Race. This time, we formed three teams to join the Spartan Corporate Championship, with more than ten colleagues joining the Sprint race. Our team displayed great teamwork spirit. They successfully completed the challenging race, passing the finish line by supporting one other. I would like to show my appreciation for Everbright, for inviting us to join the competition and contribute to this charity event. We are hoping to participate again next year.”

[Corporate Team of China Construction Bank (Asia)]

“Last Sunday, I brought my children along to join the Spartan Race for kids. The race allowed children to challenge themselves and break through limits, and provided an enjoyable family day that helped me with my work-life balance. I would like to say thank you to Everbright for inviting us to these thoughtfully planned activities. I am hoping to join again next year.”

(Mike Au Yeung of China Everbright Bank)