The Everbright Project

In 2009 CEL formed a partnership with the Caritas Family Crises Support Centre to launch the Everbright Project, the first-ever community service program targeting the middle class in Hong Kong. The project promotes a balanced, happy and healthy lifestyle through the Group’s “Making Life Simple” philosophy and fosters the idea of positive mentality and life planning to help middle-class individuals realise their full potential at various stages of life, to build up their positive life goal and to spread out the idea of “Joyful middle-income people, start from here” .

Since its launch for six years ago, the Everbright Project has organised several major seminars and nearly 700 service activities. These activities proved the popularity of the Project. As at the end of 2015, they had drawn the participation of over 12,000 people, showing high demand among the middle class. In addition, the Everbright Project has held more than 150 corporate workshops that help companies and their employees build harmonious interpersonal relationships and achieve sound work-life balance. The Everbright Project has also invited renowned local academics to carry out several comprehensive studies on the stress levels of the middle class in Hong Kong, later issuing a report and hosting a press conference that generated wide media coverage of the survey results. The survey report was also submitted to relevant Government departments, which made the Everbright Project not just a service initiative, but also a communication platform for the Government and the middle class. 

In 2014, Caritas awarded the “5 Years Corporate Partnership with Caritas Award” to the China Everbright Charitable Foundation in recognition of CEL’s exclusive sponsorship for “The Everbright Project” to promote greater awareness of the contributions of Hong Kong’s middle class.