Cultural Consumption

Cultural Consumption


As the world’s largest unlisted provider of full mobile cross-border e-commerce capabilities, Wish primarily targets young people and medium- and low-income groups in developed countries across Europe and the US. Wish has already become one of the most popular mobile shopping apps in Europe and the US. It has evolved into a gigantic B2C platform in terms of both trading volume and operating scale by featuring a combination of “mobile terminal + intelligent recommendation + cross-border e-commerce” and focusing on the shopping characteristics of differentiated consumer groups.

China UnionPay Merchant Services Co., Ltd.

China UMS is an iconic name with great brand value, as it has consistently taken the largest market share in the payments and acquiring sector. China UMS has many years of experience in the acquiring and payment sector, its bankcard acquiring service covers 337 cities above the prefecture level. By building on a strong network of merchant resources and a well-established payment and clearing system, China UMS has built a massive and reliable database for merchant operations that lays a solid foundation for subsequent development of financial services.


The Chinese video industry has witnessed phenomenal growth in the past few years. Fueled by the continued popularity of mobile Internet and a new wave of consumption upgrades in China, the demand for diversified and high-quality video content has continued to rise. As the leading video entertainment brand in China, iQIYI has focused on creating content IP supported by technology innovations to develop a considerable amount of high-quality original content in recent years, leading to explosive growth of Internet-enabled entertainment, including online variety shows, online dramas and online movies. In addition, it leads China’s VIP paid membership services.


Taboola is a content recommendation company headquartered in the United States, providing over 360 billion referrals per month for over 1 billion independent visitors

The USA has the largest amount of desktop internet users in the world. 



  • E‧Kingo is one of the leading automobile dealership groups in Southwest China. E‧Kingo owns a comprehensive 4S dealership network in Sichuan Province and focuses on low-to-mid end automobile brands. As a "one-stop automobile shop", it also offers repair and maintenance services, detailing services and other automobile-related products and services
  • Website: http://www.chinakingo.com/

Global Market Group

  • Global Market Group is an international trade-marketing corporation. The company is committed to establishing the GMC (Global Manufacturer Certificate) Community, where qualified Chinese manufacturers are incorporated and able to stand out among the rest. By attending global exhibitions, offering e-marketing and providing sourcing solutions, the company possesses 102,000 high-quality manufacturing providers and 850,000 potential buyers, and has a good reputation in the international trade market. Global Market Group has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since June 22, 2012 under the ticker symbol GMC.LN
  • Website: www.globalmarket.com/

GDS Services Ltd.

  • GDS in Beijing provides data recovery and remote backup services to financial institutions and major corporations
  • Website: http://www.gds-services.com/

Biyao Mall

Biyao Mall is the world’s first Customer-to-Manufactory E-commerce platform adopting C2M model to realize a strict connection between customers and manufactors.  Removing all intermediaries, it links with top designers and top manufactures, providing the customers with captive and individualized products of superior quality and fair price.



China largest O2O platform providing local services, categorized information and online trading in China. Its aim is to be top global O2O platform for life services. Major products includes MeiTuan app, Dazhong Review and MeiTuan takeaway app, providing services in cuisine, takeaway, travelling, group purchasing and reviews.


NetEase Cloud Music

Founded on April 2013, Netease Cloud Music rose to be among the largest musical platforms in China, with over 600 million registrations as of November 2018, an increase by 200 in the twelve months. It records universal praises for diverse user experiences, accurate and personalized recommendations, and perfect all-rounded networking.



A China leading O2O platform for fresh produce covering categories such as fruit & vegetables, seafood & meats, and dairy & snacks. As of 2018, MISSFRESH has closed its national layout of various categories (fruit, vegetables, dairy product, snacks, meat & eggs, seafood, cooked food, low-calorie food, fast food, cereal & oil and daily articles). A fast cold-chain logistic system has been put into use in 20 major cities of the country, featuring categorizing centres in cities and storehouses in communities. Users can enjoy the one-hour express services to send various products within one hour. 



Tantan is a social App based on big data intelligent recommendation and new interactive mode. According to the user's personal information, location, interests and other information, Tantan calculates and recommends people around you who match with you, and helps users meet new friends who feel good toward each other.

Mashang Consumer Finance

Mashang Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. (MSCF) is a tech-driven financial institution with a consumer finance license by China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC). We started business in June 2015, and completed three rounds of capital injections respectively in 2016, 2017, and 2018, total registered capital amounting to 4 billion as of now. Our shareholders include CBEST(600729.SH), ZKJ Technology, WUMART Technology, Chongqing Bank(01963.HK,601963.SH)), Sunshine Property Insurance, China Zhejiang Commodities City Group(600415.SH), together with whom we have also got new strategic investors such as CICC, China Securities, and Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, which are either central or local state-owned entities.

Three's Company

Three's Company established in 2003 and started its business in the internet industry in 2014. The company joined the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of China in 2016 and is dedicated in providing integrated marketing service. The main business includes digital marking, event planning and campus media and marketing services. 

Yuanqi Senlin

Yuanqi Senlin is a premium drink production company, established in 2016. The company launched low sugar, low calories products based on the younger generation’s healthy life style and used the creative internet technology for marketing and promotion. Yuanqi Senlin series products have covered more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous region; also exported to over 40 countries, including the US, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Singapore, etc. 

Code Mao

Code Mao is the famous Chinese code education brand for children. The company has launched over 19 coding classes for 7-16 years old children and serving more than 17000 public school over the country. 

Uxin Group

Founded in 2011, Uxin is the leading online transaction service provider for used cars in China. By leveraging its online trading platforms, Uxin is devoted to pushing forward the healthy growth of China's used car market. Currently, Uxin offers the B2B used car trading platform Uxin Auction, the B2C used car trading platform Uxin Used Car and other services. By offering a multitude of full industrial chain services, Uxin ensures the consumers have excellent user experience, as well as the strong relationship with used car dealers.


Hope Education

  • Leading private higher education group in China, ranking first in the Midwest and second in the country
  • Equity investment plus repurchase guarantees, as well as partial debt financing
  • As the only external institutional investor before listing, deeply participate in corporate strategic restructuring, corporate governance and Hong Kong listing preparation
  • Listed in Hong Kong in August 2018

Dekon Farming

  • Leading pig breeding enterprise in the west, cooperated with Alibaba Cloud to develop artificial intelligence breeding in China and achieved remarkable results.
  • Equity investment plus repurchase guarantee
  • As its sole external institutional investor, deeply participate in corporate governance, strategic planning and listing preparation, etc.
  • Plan to list in China