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Real Estate

Chongqing IMIX Park Project (Commercially Operated class)

IMIX Park is a successful nationwide commercial brand created by EBA. There are currently 12 IMIX Parks under operation and the one located at the Guanyinqiao District of Chongqing is regarded as the masterpiece. EBA acquired this property through fund structure in 2009 and since then implemented the rehabilitation by repositioning, refurbishing and operational alteration. IMIX Park has now become the most popular commercial brand among the youth in the central retail district in Chongqing. In 2016, EBA structured it to a real estate ABS product named as” EBP-EBA IMIX Park Asset-backed Securities” and got it listed on Shenzhen Stock exchange. The product was awarded as the “Most Popular Prize in REITs and Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Loan ABS in 2016.

New Everbright Centre Project (Initiative Developed class)

A large-scale complex real estate project over an intersection of two underground lines, New Everbright Center is located at the central area of Tongzhou District of Beijing. The complex contains apartments, office buildings, high-rise buildings, annex commercials as well as underground commercials. Managed and operated by EBA Investments team, this project was jointly invested by China Everbright Limited and Ying Li International Real Estate Limited (respectively listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Singapore Stock Exchange) and co-operated d with IDG Capital on acquisition. EBA Investments aims to create a new CBD Centre post the migration of Beijing Municipal Government from city center to Tongzhou District.

Parkview Place (hotel rehabilitated to office building)

Upper East Hotel Jen used to be a hotel located in Lidu area, a mature business district in Beijing. EBA successfully acquired this property and plans to conduct rehabilitation through overall refurbishment and redecoration. Parkview Place, a workplace designed with a commitment to creating a whole new experience of future working community. By placing people in a green workplace surrounded by parks, aesthetically-designed multi-functioned public space, high-quality restaurants, café, gym and other living facilities and by providing a variety of interesting activities, EBA prospects to offer people a place where they could rejoice in work and life as well as a satisfying working experience which inspires imagination and conducive better communication and higher working efficiency.

Yuehong Plaza (Office Building class)

With GFA of 62,000 of sqm, Yuehong Plaza contains two industrial office buildings and annexed skirt buildings industrial office buildings located at the Core Industrial Park in Caohejing (Xuhui District, Shanghai). The construction of the Plaza was completed in March 2015 and was recently successfully acquired by EBA Investments. We aim to improve the property quality and thus the rental rate by initiative management in order to provide long-term and stable return for the investors.

CEL China Real Estate Opportunity Funds

FOF,Total amount of 17 billion RMB.